Anti-Trump and US Constitution rulings

“He’s a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to immigration”


Hearings begin this week for Gorsuch, amidst increasing frustration with leftist courts that have been so activist with anti-Trump and US Constitution rulings they might as well have posters of Karl on the courtroom wall, and I don’t mean Rove.

More than contemplating the fate of Gorsuch’s nomination, people are beginning to contemplate the fate of the court, it’s make up and President Trump’s agenda, as Gorsuch’s background and previous rulings are scrutinized.

Trump rose to the top of the primary heap, stayed there and won the general election on two main issues; national security, in part through sealing the borders, and restoring our economic strength, which relies, in part, on national security and sealing the borders.

Of course, fundamental to securing those outcomes, President Trump and America need a Supreme Court that is restored to its fundamental purpose, upholding the law of the land, the US Constitution, not using the court to legislate or to uphold legislation enacted by wayward lower judges who view the courtroom as their personal legal pad on which to doodle their leftist drivel.

After the death of a true Constitutional decision by John Roberts and the Court on Obamacare, the death of Antonin Scalia, and the expected “deaths” ie openings on the court in upcoming years, Americans understood the need for justices who understood, were committed to, and prepared to rule to uphold the Constitution.

Exit polls election night showed that SCOTUS appointments were a critical factor in their vote.  The CNN exit poll reported that 69% of voters said it was “most important” or “important” in their vote.  And that’s just CNN, no longer considered “The most trusted name in news”.

President Trump made it very clear what his intentions were with appointees and their judicial viewpoint for SCOTUS; conservatives who would uphold the Constitution, as only one of the three branches of government, not acting as rulers, dictating from the bench with their legal doodle pads.

But is that Gorsuch?

And why are we having to even ask?  Why is it that the left ALWAYS gets it right, and the right is only half right, half the time?

Is it that there are too few “originalists” on Federal Courts that are qualified?  Is it that the colleges, universities and law schools have been so corrupted with leftist, Marxist ideology that too few actual Constitutional “purists” are graduating?

Is it that the GOP is too fear based to nominate a true conservative or too inept at the political games to get a win?

Is it that too few in GOP are “Constitutional Conservatives” themselves?

I’m not a “comma JD”, but I do have common sense.  And it doesn’t make sense to me for the GOP to be in the position to have fingers crossed on crucial upcoming decisions that affect the fate of ALL America, not just the court.

They should already know whether or not Gorsuch would uphold President Trump’s Constitutional EO’s on immigration.  I pray they do, with hands folded and fingers crossed.

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