The Andrea Kaye Show Award Winner of “Breakout Star of the Year”

Each week on my show, I give out two awards; Hero of the Week, and “Last Week’s Fool, This Week’s Tool”.  I decided not to give out annual versions of those awards. There were just too many Fools and Tools, I’m looking at you, “Never Trumpers”, and how do you choose one Hero over another?

So I decided to put a spotlight on those who earned some major spotlight and shed a spotlight on truth, reason, and the need for putting “American exceptionalism” back in the world’s spotlight.

The nominees are:

  1. The first woman to run a national presidential campaign and win; Kellyanne Conway
  2. The first “First Daughter” to already be talked about as the First Female President before her Dad takes office as POTUS:  Ivanka Trump
  3. The choice for right hand man, who’s steady hands and poise helped his “First Man” not only get elected, but achieve success before inauguration: Mike Pence
  4. The man who’s deep voice and deeper convictions about speaking the truth about Islamic jihad and how to defeat it before it defeats us: Sebastian Gorka
  5. The ladies who came out of “Nowhere North Carolina”, who’s sassy style of “stumpin for Trump”, not only propelled them into social media superstars, but helped propel the equally sassy and unconventional presidential candidate get over the hump and win: Diamond and Silk

While all amazing, and greatly deserving more of the spotlight on their skills, heart, contributions, and success, the Award for “Breakout Star of the Year” goes to……

“Don’t get it twisted”!  It’s DIAMOND AND SILK!

Here they are, accepting their award, recalling the incredible election year, their rise to stardom, and what’s next:

Thanks to the ladies for being such great guests in 2016, for their efforts for Trump and America, and here’s to watching their stars continue to rise!







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