I love that Trump is “receiving”, as we say in the South.  It reminds me of the scene in my favorite movie, in which Michael has just taken over the family and Kay is outside the office, watching as his underbosses go in to kiss his ring, pledging loyalty.  Then they close the door for a private meeting to discuss “business”.

Already, Trump has named underbosses who seem to share his agenda and have pledged loyalty to him and his vision; Priebus, Bannon, Flynn, Sessions and Pompeo.

Many are speculating about other of “The Don’s” meetings, and especially about the reasons he has invited his “rivals” to discuss the business of building a cabinet and his administration.

Can Romney really be a Clamenza, let alone a Tom Hagen, the consigliere, given his repeated, harsh, if not defamatory, comments about Trump during the primary?

The invitation to Romney sends important signals.  One could be that like Michael, Trump knows “it’s not personal, it’s business”.  And in the business world, CEO’s/Presidents are focused on the bottom line and who’s the right person to achieve it.

But politics isn’t exactly like corporate America.  It IS personal, because the bottom line of many of these positions is life or death, especially in positions involving national security, like SOS or SOD.  And like Michael, Trump needs to be able to count on Clamenza hiding the gun in the washroom.

So why would Trump trust Romney? Romney wasn’t a “rival”.  Romney didn’t have the hutzbah to be a true rival, to run in the primaries against Trump, and let the voters decide whether or not Romney would rejected like the other 16.

So, he chose instead to jump on the #nevertrump movement and use his unsubstantial voice in an attempt to persuade America to jump on his train.  And, like 2012, he was rejected by America like a collective cat coughing up a furball.

Maybe because, like in 2012, Romney’s harshest words are always towards Republicans, not Obama, Hillary or the left.  Why is it that Romney is only comfortable to “go to the matresses” against his own family?

I think Romney has proven he has no loyalty to the GOP or the supposed conservative platform, which does make him the unsubstantial head of the unsubstantial #nevertrump movement.  The very people who said they couldn’t vote for Trump because he wasn’t conservative enough, after voting for Romney, the actual architect of Obamacare, which was nothing but a Marxist income redistribution scheme.

They voted for a man who never renounced his previous pro abortion positions as veraciously as Trump.  In fact, there has never been a Republican, candidate or elected, who has EVER talked about the barbarity of partial birth abortion like Trump.

They voted for a man who couldn’t and didn’t articulate the stark differences between liberalism and it’s failures, especially in the minority communities, and the value of free market capitalism as Trump did.  Romney folded like a resume in his binders full of women after the tiniest of attacks.

They voted for a man who refused to punch back against the media and the left’s lies, not only about him but Benghazi.  After he was Crowleyed, he put his white glove back in his perfectly tailored pants pockets and never brought up Benghazi again.

They voted for a flawed and failed candidate, who couldn’t do what Trump just did; win the White House.

And,  I voted for him, too.  Because while Romney couldn’t see or articulate the desperate need to defeat Obama, I could see it clearly. I was loyal to America and it’s principles, and voted for a man I found completely lacking in every respect, but better than the alternative.  That’s what Romney and the other #nevertrumpers should have done.

I see no evidence now that Romney sees how desperately America needed to defeat Hillary, regardless of any of Trump’s flaws.  So can and will Romney pledge loyalty and convince Trump and the voters it’s genuine?

If he was genuine in his attacks on Trump in March, then what does it say about him that he would take a meeting to seek a position with someone he so detests? That shows a lack of integrity to me.  It appears that he’s so desperate to be near or have power,  he would work with someone he doesn’t respect.

And if someone don’t respect their boss, The President of the United States, how effective can they be in their position, and what respect and legitimacy will they garner from others and the world?

If Romney makes a statement that he was wrong and recants his attacks now, then that shows a lack of integrity. That appears to prove he was just playing politics and lying, trying to undermine Trump for some reason, jealousy perhaps.

If Trump believes Romney is the right person for the job, then he could bring Romney on, and test him, like Tessio, and and if he fails, then send him on a ride.

But is that a plan that “Makes America Great Again”?  I think the stakes are too high, certainly at State Department to be playing trust games.

Romney does have skill sets that can be put to use, but not at that level, as an underboss.  I’m not sure cleaning up the Olympic Games mess in Utah qualifies for Secretary of State anyway.  Maybe there’s another mess that Romney can clean using his binders.

But, I don’t think the purpose of the meeting was to clean up any outstanding GOP mess, as some suggested.  Republicans came out for Trump and got him elected, so the party doesn’t need to be put back together.  That already happened with the help of the underboss Priebus as head of the RNC.

So far, Trump’s family seems to be loyal, conservative and fearless.  Not qualities I saw in Romney in 2012, 2016 or going in to today’s meeting.

I didn’t see him leave.  Anyone notice who was driving?






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