Uh oh. Not again!

Here he goes again!  There goes Trump saying something out of the box, that no other GOP candidate would ever say! And, saying something brash without the same “presidential” tone Romney or McCain used!


He better keep going where no man, or GOP nominee has gone before, or he’s dead, and so are the rest of us.

I wanted Newt Gingrich in 2012;  who I viewed as a “true conservative” with the mind, experience and ability to articulate conservatism better than anyone else against whom he competed.

I argued that we couldn’t win against these liberals without a clear conservative message delivered by a fearless nominee, willing to fight back hard against the ruthless dems and their media propagandists.  But he had too much baggage for the establishment.  Wasn’t “clean enough”.  His “behavior” in the past made him “unelectable”.  Or something.

Enter Mr. Clean, aka Romney;  A “gentleman” who had a spotless record personally and professionally, and who spoke eloquently and respectfully, to and about Obama, at least.

Romney had the ability to punch Obama and the dems.  His attacks against his GOP rivals during the primaries showed that Mr Clean could take a stain or two on his tie. But against Obama and his media, he was polite, patrician and so importantly “presidential”.

And got his car stripped.  To the bone.  Nothing left for the heap.

And that’s where we find ourselves as a nation, on the brink of a heap, a shell of what was once the greatest nation in the world and the greatest force for good in the world, about to be tossed aside in the junkyard with other former great nations and civilizations.

We simply can’t have another GOP nominee play by their rules.  The rules of the establishment parties, establishment media, rivals who lost, and their supporters, who care more about tone than tenure of our country.

Trump did today, as all throughout his campaign, what no other GOP primary opponent or past nominee would have or could have done.  He came out during what is traditionally a quiet time, the opponent’s convention, and not only stripped them bare of their lies and hypocrisies, he stripped them of media time and their carefully crafted through collusion media narratives.

Romney couldn’t shut down a binder flap.  But the flap today for the same “conservatives” who supported Romney, the architect of Obamacare and who’s past positions on abortion are more liberal than Tim Kaine’s, is that this is just one more example of Trump speaking outside the beltway tone, and saying things no one else would dare to say.

Romney and McCain acted as though fighting back against Obama and the dems was a dare they were unwilling to take.  They were risk averse and comfortable losing.

Was it a risk for Trump to come out today and then suggest to Russia that they look for the missing 30k Hillary emails? Maybe.  But ask yourself this, would Obama have done it?

Heck yeah.  Obama and Candy Crowley seemingly colluded together at a debate in 2012 over an issue than should have left Obama a stripped shell, while Romney stood there looking stripped of his pride and dignity, unable to speak.  I guess that’s one way to not speak un-presidentially.

I want the dignity of a win!  And If it comes in a less pretty and poised package, I can live with that.  I am sincerely unsure America can survive without it.










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