Je suis americain

As the Islamic terror attacks in Paris unfolded, Americans immediately did what we do, we locked arms in solidarity and extended our love to our fellow man and fellow victims in the caliphate of Islam.

Facebook profile pics were changed to the French flag, and Eiffel Tower peace signs were everywhere.  And, as after the Charlie Hebdo attacks, #jesuisParis sprang up everywhere.  Like many people, j’adore France and all things French.

I should be writing this entire post en francais, since I studied French for 5 years, and was considered “conversational” at the end of my studies.   But as the saying goes, “you don’t use it, you lose it”.  I could barely order a café au lait in Paris years ago.  Even though I hadn’t spoken it in years, I expected it to be there, once I was amidst the French.  It wasn’t.

So it’s safe to say, it’s gone. Lost and forgotten.  Why? It was committed to short term and long term memory, or so I thought.

I can’t ever remember song lyrics off the top of my head, but the second I hear the song on the radio, the lyrics come back and verbatim. Why do some things stick in our memories, and other’s not?

That a good question for Americans today.

After the terror attacks on American soil on September 11, 2001, the mantra was “Never Forget”.  Every anniversary, it’s everywhere, just like #jesuisparis and flags over facebook pics.

Yet as Americans and the world are expressing shock over the Paris attacks, and lamenting if and when it will happen here, they obviously already have forgotten.

They’ve not just forgotten the attacks on 9/11, but Ft Hood, Boston Marathon, a community college in Oregon, etc. These are just a few of the attacks, and only those here in the States.

The attacks on 9/11 weren’t the first Islamic terror attacks on US soil, either.  The Twin Towers were bombed long before 9/11/01, on 2/23/93.  Evidently forgotten about by the time 9/11/01 occurred.

And what about the Khobar Towers, bombed in 96 or the African Embassies, which were bombed in 98? What about the USS Cole, attacked on 10/12/2000? What about the barracks in Beirut, bombed back in 83?  Those were as much American “soil” as the WTC.

What makes the Paris attacks NEW and something that has yet to arrive in America?  The suicide vest or kalashnikov rifles?  So because the Tsarnaev brothers used slow cookers, it WASN’T Islamic terror?  Of course it was.  And just like in Paris, the terrorists were refugees, supposedly in need of asylum for protection, when it was America who needed the protection from their Islamic jihad.

Maybe we should replace the hashtag “Never Forget” with “EndTheAmnesia”

On the 5th anniversary of 9/11, I interviewed Muslim Professor Akbar Ahmed from American University, who said, “the terrorists are in a war against Western Civilization.  Don’t you people think?  Don’t you think at all?”

Obviously, Americans weren’t thinking. Two years after that interview, Americans voted into office a man who wrote in his memoir, “I will stand with the Muslims, should the political winds shift in an ugly direction”.  A man who was raised by Muslims and communists, and who gave a campaign speech in Cairo with the Muslim Brotherhood sitting on the front row.

Since then, America and the opposition party sat back and let him Islamize America and enable our enemies, virtually unopposed.  In fact, they reelected him after his foreign policies directly led to the murders of 4 Americans by Islamic terrorists, on another 9/11 in Benghazi.

After that Islamic terrorist attack, he lied to America and the world about the cause, and warned that “the future does not belong to those who slander the prophet, Mohammed”.  He blatantly exploited the terrorist attack to defend and enable the Islamic terrorists, by attacking one of our most precious freedoms, speech.

Maybe that’s why his Secretary of State said yesterday that the Charlie Hebdo attacks were somehow legitimate, but maybe not legitimate but understandable, or some drivel.  His verbal hiccups were his mental slip showing and his attempts to hide it. Those attacks were specifically against those who “slandered” Mohammed with crayons, and they “had no future” after that.

When it comes to freedoms, like languages, if you don’t use them you lose them.  By use, I mean exercise and defend, as vigorously as the Islamic terrorists fight to deny them.  And, with as much intensity, focus and relentlessness as the left here in the states fights to deny them as well.

France came under attack, in part, because they started fighting back against the islamists, who they welcomed in to their country, to which they offered massive entitlements, but without expectation of assimilation.  Assimilation which is never possible with Islam, who’s goal is complete capitulation and conquest.

And while we should stand WITH France, we should not BECOME France.  The 1st and 2nd amendments are the holy grail for liberals, and the left is working diligently, hand in hand with groups like Muslim Brotherhood, to apply their cultural Marxism to deny us both.

The tactic of multiculturalism, thru open borders, combined with unrest in the streets and on college campuses is an attempt to remove free speech, the gateway to denying many other freedoms. It’s the tactic that was used to take over Europe. The two pronged jihad: a physical jihad of terror and a jihad of an internal takeover by demanding more and more accommodations to their “religion”, until the host country’s culture has been beheaded.

Those same tactics are now being used here to turn us into Europe, a continent overrun with islamo-Marxists, combined with an unarmed populace.

However France now chooses to push back against an enemy they courted and invited, it will no doubt reflect their values and vision.  As a sovereign nation, that’s their right.  So it came as no surprise today to learn that the socialist leader is, again, welcoming more “refugees” into France.  Inviting in more what has already left hundreds of citizens dead and injured, lives destroyed.

Our strategy should reflect our nation’s values and vision, which is uniquely American.  Solidarity doesn’t mean loss of sovereignty. And our nation was founded by men who were nationalistic.  They understood the need as well as value of a uniquely American Culture.  So they envisioned immigration with assimilation, to preserve American greatness.  The importation of “refugees” who can’t/won’t assimilate and who aim to do us harm is NOT a traditional American “value”, as President Obama said.  That’s as much a fantasy as Europe’s belief in multiculturalism as a winning plan.

Obama’s speech in which he pledged to not pose anything that appears as America winning, certainly does NOT reflect the values and vision of our founders, and why and how we became the greatest, most powerful force for good in the world.

I love all things French, but I love America more.  I refuse to be made to feel that there’s something wrong with loving America and being American.  I can be in solidarity without being in homogenous blend.

We can be in solidarity without abdicating our sovereignty or ideals. We can certainly be in solidarity without taking a step back from being the world’s leader to pack member of a one world government, which is obviously part of the agenda.

There is something wrong with a President who is constantly looking to diminish his own country’s success.  I refused to be shamed by his quest for national mediocrity.  The penchant to try to force us all to apologize for our “American Privilege”, to strip us of our dignity and pride, as well as our culture.

We have been the world’s leader economically and militarily since our inception, because we EARNED it.  Our founders believed in a system of opportunity for all, with our freedoms granted not by government, but God.  A system of empowerment through work, not entitlement.

And through the uniquely American spirit and culture of freedom and individual responsibility, we built an economic and then military superpower, one that truly does reflect our nation’s values and vision.  If only we had a commander and chief who shares them.

Now, I believe we need to refocus from Paris to our own sovereign nation, and launch a battle plan that is uniquely American; big, bold, bad, unapologetic and determined to win.  One that utilizes every aspect of our defense industry, and that includes the mindset of Americans.

We need to end the amnesia and drop the denial about the enemy we face.  They want to destroy western civilization, and that includes liberals.  Defending islam won’t win you any points or spare you the sword.

We need to stop enabling politicians who want to partner with those who wish to destroy us.  My friend Zack wisely said on my show, that Americans should ask themselves who the Islamists would vote for, and then vote for the other guy. Too many Americans are too concerned with what they stand to get for free from the panderers, than their freedoms.

We need to push back against any citizen who tries to bully us into submission by telling us that sealing our borders and enforcing immigration laws makes us racist.

We need to reembrace the America culture, in every aspect.  Our culture is based on the values of  limited government and individual freedoms.  And that includes freedom of speech for all, not just for those who say the words on your approved list.  Eventually, everyone ends up under the jack boot of tyranny, so don’t be foolish or arrogant enough to think otherwise.

The terrorists are truly in a war against western civilization.  They are in a war against America.

We face enemies, of both a foreign and domestic nature, who wish to destroy our culture and way of life. But it’s not about if and when they will be here. They are here right now in America.

Our freedoms and culture are at stake, and we need to use it or lose it.

My name is Andrea Kaye and I am an American























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