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Andrea-Kaye-Show_smWelcome to The Andrea Kaye Show Website and blog!

This is my very first blog posting and I couldn’t be more excited to share with you… Hmmm.  Share what?

What is a blog anyway?

I guess it’s a weblog, right?  But a web “log” of what, exactly?  What I ate for breakfast today, or what fashions I’ve been wearing?  Nah.  Glamor isn’t really my passion.

Maybe I should blog about my baby Beau and his latest adventures in bone hiding and drooling.  I do love my furbaby!  Every day with him is amusing, but not sure how much of his life I should share. He didn’t choose the spotlight.

But, I do think that is getting closer to what I should be sharing.  When I moved my show from my old home at The Astor Broadcast Group to AM 1170 The Answer, formerly KCBQ, and began work on my new website, I asked my wonderful facebook friends and listeners to help me describe my show.  That was something my great webmaster Joe Hall from Visions Unlimited had asked me to do, make a statement about my show. (how’s that for a plug, Joe?)  The most succinct answer I got back was that my show is about “truth, reason, and fuzzy little animals”.  Perfectly stated.  Except Beau isn’t so little anymore.

So, I will be blogging about Beau and his many exploits.  But I mostly will be blogging about my exploits, which are primarily political in nature, but equally as fun for me as gnawing a bone is for Beau.  I gnaw on policy and policy makers, withering them down to their barest form.

It will be my journey to share my truth and reason in the only way I know how, with completely unbridled honesty.  A no holds bar explosion of dynamite, spreading shrapnels of truth meant to embed under the skin to inspire and motivate change.  A change meant to really help restore America to it’s once freedom loving, constitutionally respected greatness.

I hold no fantasies of marches en masse or rallies on my behalf.  I hold no fantasies of elections swung by hoards of Andrea Kaye show listeners, who were so moved they changed an election and chads were subsequently observed.

I do, however, cling to my guns and religion, and to the dream that in some small way, I make a difference.  If one person gets off the sofa and votes for a return of a Constitutional Republic after listening, when they might not have, I will claim victory.

If one person picks up the phone and calls their congressman, yes I said man, and makes clear the expectation that they do the job for which they were elected, I will be pleased.

Whoever said, “change begins with one person”… Or maybe it was “one person can affect change”?  I don’t know.  Anyway.  I do believe one person can make a difference in life.

Anyone reading this has already made a difference in mine.

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