cropped-ak-social-media-ad-628x6281Andrea Kaye is a TV and Radio talk show host, on-camera spokesperson, print model, actor, and producer.

She is currently Host of Nationally Syndicated “The Andrea Kaye Show” which broadcasts on Monday through Friday 6:00 to 7:00 PM (PST) on Salem Media Group The Answer San Diego, SHR Media, Talk America Radio, and WRNR Radio Networks.

Known as “Dynamite in a Dress”, Andrea Kaye discusses all of today’s hot topics, from politics to entertainment to the boardroom in her unique, southern, sassy style.

Andrea is a TV and Radio commentator/host, appearing regularly as Guest and Fill in Host for Tipping Point on One America News, America Talks Live on NewsMax TV, CNNI, News With Ed on RTTV, KUSI News, Fox 5 San Diego and America Trends TV on You Too America Network.

Past radio shows include: “Becker & Kaye”, “Close Up On San Diego Business Radio Show” “BisTalk”, “Calling All Seniors”, and Good Evening San Diego”

Andrea was Host/Reporter for West Coast Weekly with Andrea Kaye on The Blaze TV and KDOC, and Video Journal News, an online community events program featuring such fun local venues as The San Diego Safari Park, The USS Midway Museum, Birch Aquarium, and others. Segments can be viewed online at vimeo.com.

As Co-Host for “Perspectives”, Andrea debated and discussed some of the hottest of today’s topics with a diverse panel.

As an on-camera Spokesperson, Andrea has worked with companies such as Time Warner Cable, APT Companies, National University, UCSD, Disney Vacation Club, and many others.

Andrea’s acting credits are numerous. Most recently, she starred in the Television Movie, “LORe: Deadly Obsession”, which aired internationally on ID Discovery Channel to great reviews.

“She was written as a straightforward villain, but you brought depth and humanity to her that I could never have foreseen. Thank you.” Richard Swindell, Director.

As TV Producer, Andrea’s credits include multiple political Documentaries, including “Iraq & Beyond”, which aired on San Diego Fox 5.

Andrea graduated from Louisiana State University with a B.A. in General Business, emphasis in Finance.

11 responses to “About

  1. Thanks Mark! Sorry I’m just now getting back to you! It’s been crazy as you know. The reason we’re so far left in the this country is because the GOP allowed the left to drag us there and too many of us trusted them long past the point we should. We need to get active like Democrats. Run for office, volunteer, call and send letters, etc. And pray! xoxo


  2. I think that’s a great idea. People keep telling me a 3rd party won’t work. What I do know for sure is that the current GOP is absolutely worthless. Continuing to support them is going to keep us under one party rule.


  3. Hi Lucky! Thanks for watching Gina’s show and for reaching out to me here! I have forwarded my idea to as many people as possible whom I know to have connections with the WH. So far, my idea hasn’t been picked up. The GOP is all talk and even that isn’t even as strong as it should be, let alone backed up by actions. I personally think it’s time once and for all to launch a 3rd party. And as many of us conservatives as possible should run for office. Thanks again, for reaching out, and take good care! Andrea


  4. Saw you in Dr. Gina Primetime. Im tired of all the whining and victimhood of conservatives with no next step or follow up action starting from POTUS. Super IDEA! I like your idea for Trump to do an executive order to ban political discrimination. Can you tell Trump to do this ASAP? Whats your next step to get this done??? Look at Stacey Abrams twitter feed during Georgia elections. Look at Doug Collins twitter feed during same time. Notice that Stacey is hyper active and working hard while Doug is lazy and whiny and doesnt do much action.
    Stacey announced she had 85k new voters for the runoff. THATS ILLEGAL. Only voters who voted in the primary could vote. What did Doug Collins do abt it? Nothing. There was no followup on the 8k audit that Sec of State was going to do for signature verification… Doug Collin… hello!! never gave an update. No update on why they paused again on election night for the runoff when Republicans were ahead…and the next day we saw what happened. We have been identifying the problems but we dont have action items to followup or fix.


  5. Andrea what if we all left the Republican Party and switch to independent until we can figure out if we should form another party.

    This way we end up taking care of the rhinos and we close the doors on the finances..


  6. Hi Kaye,

    I heard you for the first time on Newsmax and you NAILED IT!

    I’m 59 years old, voted for Reagan twice and I’m so ticked off at weak, spineless, gutless, cowardly Republicans that I can’t stand it. They talk the talk but rarely deliver.

    The ENTIRE POLITICAL SYSTEM has moved to the left over the decades. I’m NOT a “right wing radical. I haven’t moved one inch since 1975. EVERYONE ELSE moved to the left away from me.

    In today’s world, JFK would be a Tea Party, Trump Train Conservative! The “Center” we hear so much about is now nearing socialism.

    The truth is, these professional Republican politicians we hire don’t really care about winning or doing the right thing. All they truly care about is just holding their own, little, useless office.

    President Trump is the first True Conservative President since Reagan.

    Why is this Republican Party NOT FIGHTING LIKE HELL to support him and DRAIN THE DANG SWAMP?!

    ….. and then there’s the voter fraud issue…….. OMG!

    Sincerely yours,

    Mark Hillen


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