Immediately after the results came in liberals, even friends of mine, started the pressure to only speak “nice” of Hillary and Obama.  The bullying with the “nice” stick was to silence free speech, under the false notion that because Trump won, we lost our right to speak out in opposition.

A Trump election win presents OPPORTUNITY, not resolution to deep issues we face. So, no. I won’t stop speaking out both FOR my belief in our Constitutional Republic and against the Marxist agenda of the left, which has been pushed through cultural marxist tactics like division and mob rule.

While “protesters” mob the streets, accusing Trump of being a bigot for winning a fair election, Van Jones accuses America of “white lash”, and multiple unsubstantiated stories about attacks on muslims and women from Trump supporters, a video emerges of a “black lashing” of a white man as payback for voting Trump.

Not sure how they knew who he voted for.  The “silent majority” was forced into silence going in to the election to avoid being attacked.  And the left says TRUMP is about fascism? Voters were literally intimidated into silence about who they were supporting, to avoid a verbal or physical beat down. After 8 years of Obama, the 1st Amendment was severely compromised.  This is just part the legacy of tyranny of the Obama Administration.

And while Obama and Hillary spoke words of “unity”, forgive me if they sound hollow.  Because both Hillary and Obama have fostered this hate for years. In her last week of her campaign, Hillary once again called half the nation “deplorable and racist”, among other “ists” and both she and Obama have pushed the racist notion that white Americans have a privilege for which they should atone.  In fact, I don’t have the time to list all the ways those two have used race to divide us over the last 8 or more years.

What lectures of unity did Obama and Hillary give to those who destroyed property and lives in Ferguson, Baltimore and beyond?

What lectures of “unity” has he or Hillary given to Islamists  who cut off heads of Christians and children around the world and in Egypt as a result of their foreign policy?

What lectures of “unity” have either given to islamists who have terrorized and killed Americans here in Botston, Ft Hood, Oklahoma, San Bernardino, Oregon, Minnesota, Tennessee, Florida, etc.? What lecture did Obama give to terrorists who killed Americans in Benghazi?  After every attack, he lectured the world on Islamaphobia.

What lectures are they giving the “protesters” aka anarchists on the streets and across the nation who are not just spewing hate and making threats, but blocking streets, destroying property, and attacking Trump supporters.

Harry Reid said the election has “enabled bigots and haters”, and he was right.  It’s bigotry and hate that is fueling the “protests”.  Burning the flag, smearing feces on Trump signs, burning Trump effigies,  and calling Trump voters racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, Islamaphobic, xenophobic, and mysogonistic is not exactly an act of love.

While Hillary’s “concession” speech has been lauded as one promoting unity, these labels being leveled on the streets and all over social media and elsewhere by Hillary supporters, are exactly those she used on the campaign trail.

And how many of the “protesters” have been organized by the operatives who organized so well in cooperation with the DNC and the Clinton Campaign to foment violence at Trump rallies, that were also blamed on Trump?

But the protesters are “fearful”?  Seems pretty clear that the people who needed and do need to be afraid of “blacklash” or “liberallash” are the Trump supporters.  Many of whom are gay, Hispanic, muslim, black, and female.  Trump got more black and hispanic votes than McCain and Romney, and Cuban women carried him across the Florida finish line.

But of course, the left is blaming all of this on Trump.  That’s what liberals do.  They’re never responsible for anything, and always the victim of some Republican or “white privilege”.

Where’s the blame on Hillary for her own loss?  They don’t want to accept Trump as President? Blame Hillary!  She had everything and everyone in the establishment working on her behalf.  That’s where the “unity” was during the general election.

She had the media, who not only ignored her crimes and corruption, while “reporting” stories that 91% of the time were negative to Trump, they were feeding her debate questions and giving the Clinton Campaign editorial approval of reports.

She had the DNC, who stole the nomination from Sanders supporters like the Clinton Foundation stole from Haitians.

She had the pollsters tipping the sample scale like an 18 wheeler with two flat tires on one side.

She had the colleges and universities churning out these “protesters” needing “safety pins” who don’t have the sense to realize that their safety as citizens just went up now that the Marxist woman who has endangered all of our lives with her “reckless” handling of national security and selling off our nation through her pay for play, has been defeated.

She had machines rigged to switch votes, felons who’s loss of voting privileges were switched back, and dead people who’s lives were switched back on, who voted.

She had Hollywood, who for decades now has been pushing Hillary’s far left agenda in every commercial, tv drama, “comedy”, movie, and awards show.

She had the “celebrities” who dominate social media try to dominate minds.  She had social media try to control minds by skewing Google results, blocking pro Trump trending stories, and banning twitter accounts of smart “celebrities” like gay activist Milo, who’s support for Trump had him tossed off Twitter like Hillary’s financial backers toss gays off roofs.

The literal HATE and bigotry of the left has never been more obvious and ineffective.  And that’s what they’re really protesting.  Because that was Hillary’s pitch and it was rejected.   Even with all she had helping her, they couldn’t push her over the finish line, and they can’t accept the rejection.

The liberal idea of “unity” is and always has been submission. And when the “silent majority” spoke loudly through the ballot box, the “beat downs” began.

The “protests” aren’t fear based, their rage based.  It’s rage against  the people they thought that had under control who dared to think for themselves and choose to not unify around Marxism.

And like all good Marxists movements, they went into action to enact punishment and seek to gain the upperhand.  Well if they only want to use their hands peacefully, to sign a petition, attach a “safety pin” to their lapel, or hold up signs, while out of the street on which productive Americans are trying to use to live their lives and work, fine.

Unlike the left with their public vs. private positions, ie hypcocrisy and lies, I respect and cherish the 1st Amendment, including the right to peacefully protest, freely speaking opinions and ideas of opposition.

I can “unify” around that concept, but won’t I unify around uniformity and therefore, submission, with all of America marching in lockstep unison to the left, which is their private and truthful position, and goal.

And that goal didn’t go away with a Trump win.  The left is and will continue to push hard for their agenda, and I will mine, using my voice to support Trump, my conservative principles, and our Constitutional Republic.








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