Excuse me for saying this, but this is how “retarded” this election has become.
On top of the daily barrage of women emerging from the 30 year fog of suppressed memories to accuse Trump of some sort of sexual harassment, a new shocking accusation has emerged that Trump called alleged actress Marlee Matlin “retarded” while she was on “Celebrity Apprentice”.
The word retarded was deemed off limits by liberals some time back.  Probably around the time f*** you became cool in their world.   So this is scurrilous.  What choice do I have but vote for the woman who called the family members of those she killed in Benghazi liars, and who blamed a 12 year old for being raped?  At least Clinton didn’t call Kathy Shelton retarded.  Just a 12 year old trollop who trolled for “older men”.
Last minute election year accusations are suspect at best.   And, even if he called her that, what makes anyone think it had to do with her handicap?  Maybe he just thought she was an idiot.  There’s a case to be made for that assessment.
The hypocrites obsessing only on words said by Trump, especially in Hollywood, need to shadapp and go away. I’m tired of their words.  Like every other actress in LaLa, no doubt Matlin’s been called worse.  By liberals.  Because that’s who’s running the Business we call Show.
The same liberals who inspired the lucrative plastic surgery industry, as actresses who daily stand under the scrutiny of an unforgiving casting process, desperately try to match the ever changing on camera ideal.
And when they don’t fit the “fit model”, are constantly told to lose weight, get a nose job, a facelift, buttlift, etc. We all know the stories of actresses being told they’re too fat. At size 4. When was the last time a size 16 was cast as the sexy leading lady?
This is a woman who had to go on a reality tv show, because she couldn’t get gigs in MP/TV. No doubt because she’s over 40, and not “hot” by Hollywood standards.  Women over 40 in Hollywood get tossed aside like Bill Clinton’s sexual assault victims.
And when she was young enough to be leading lady, I don’t recall her getting any leading lady roles, except playing a deaf character, because Hollywood doesn’t think handicaps are “hot” either.
So I also doubt she was treated like the ones who are considered “hot”. The “hot” ones are treated like pieces of a** to be exploited and hustled on and off the casting couch, and pimped out to directors who tell them a romantic scene can’t be “honest” with her clothes on.
Enough with the dishonesty.  Enough with the exploitation of women to manipulate Americans into voting for a woman who cares nothing for any woman except herself.
Matlin is free to read, for now, the wiki leaks emails in which Clinton calls blacks “Ne’er do wells” and “hates everyday Americans” and calls Ohio and PA voters “blue collar, poor white trash”.   She’d have to be “retarded” to think that’s much better than calling someone “retarded”.
But it’s not Clinton’s long history of nasty name calling and verbal abuse towards staff, Secret Service details, etc. that prevents me from voting for her.
It’s her actions.   Her crimes, graft and corruption as Secretary of State, and her actions in form of policies that killed Americans in Benghazi, and killed women and children around the world, including San Bernardino, Orlando, Iraq, Syria, Boston, Egypt, Portland and beyond.
Policies that will kill many more, as  Clinton is a dyed in the wool communist, the political ideology and system that has killed millions, and is openly partnering with islamists, who’s stated goal is the destruction of the US and Israel.   That’s a deadly combination.
Matlin can read about how Hillary sold weapons to Libya and Qatar, and uranium to Russia.  She can read all about the world’s largest charity fraud designed to not only avoid taxes, but sell off our country to hostile and terrorist governments “expecting something in return”.
She can read all about how Hillary knows the scourge of Islamic immigration in Western countries with rampant crimes against women,  and how “multiculturalism is the human mad cow disease”, but is planning that insanity for America anyway.
Matlin can read all about the countless lies and obstruction of justice crimes by Clinton and staff as part of the illegal email scheme that jeopardized the nation, including not only CIA operatives, but everyday women and children.
She can read all about how Obama’s Administration and the main stream media colluded with the Clinton Campaign and are part of the plan to keep an “unaware and compliant citizenry”.
Because as Obama admitted with Obamacare, Hillary and the left know they can’t sell the truth about Hillary.  They can’t sell who she really is or her agenda of Marxism, which is a brutal totalitarian system of control over an “unaware and compliant citizenry”.   So they need Americans to be unaware of their unawareness.
Matlin seems unaware of how unaware and compliant she and the women on the left truly are.   They’re as unaware and compliant as the “Stepford Wives”, after the surgery replacing their brains with a robot and imperfect bod with a Barbie doll, who speaks only a recorded script.  The Hollywood ideal of a woman.
How can you explain women who support a woman as the “champion of women and children” who supports a political system ie “religion” that stones women for being raped, and cuts off little girl’s genitals with no anesthesia for “their own good”?
I think the leaked Clinton Campaign email explained it perfectly by calling it “human mad cow disease”.  At least he didn’t call them “retarded”.

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